Basta Dobbs Victory Press


It's now been a full week since Lou Dobbs broadcast his last show on CNN, and the heartfelt calls and emails from participants and endorsers of this campaign are still pouring in.  We at are humbled and honored to have been part of this amazing victory for the thousands of people saying ¡basta! to anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric in the media. To honor the one week anniversary, we'd like to share some press clips that highlight the movement we all created.


National English-Language Press

Associated Press: Dobbs Says His Departure from CNN was 'Amicable'

New York Times: Lou Dobbs Abruptly Quits CNN, Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN - Media Decoder Blog

Los Angeles Times:  Lou Dobbs resigns from CNN

Wall Street Journal: Lou Dobbs Out at CNN, Advocacy Groups Claims Victory - Speakeasy

Chicago Tribune: Dobbs departs CNN, vows to stay engaged in issues

New American Media: Adios, Lou Dobbs: Q&A with Roberto Lovato


Spanish-Language Press (National & International)

La Opinión:  Presentador Lou Dobbs deja CNN

El Diario La Prensa: Lou Dobbs no más CNN

AP en Español:  Lou Dobbs deja CNN, Grupos pro latinos exaltan renuncia de Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs se va de CNN, pero dice que no piensa callarse

Telemundo:  Presentador que ofende a Latinos renuncia

Univision: Lou Dobbs dejará la cadena CNN: Un acérrimo crítico de la inmigración  

Excelsior (Mexico): Renuncia conductor antiinmigrante

La Jornada (Mexico): Deportan de CNN a locutor antimigrante



Huffington Post: Lou Dobbs QUITS CNN (Video) & Justicia Poetica: Dobbs Rises and Then Falls Thanks to Immigrants

The Media Consortium:  Weekly Diaspora: Deporting Dobbs by Nezua

Baltimore Sun: CNN anchorman Lou Dobbs resigns under fire

Daily Kos: Dobbs Victory for - gracias

True/Slant: Lou Dobbs’s resignation from CNN could be a disaster for the GOP

Latino Politics Blog:  Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN

Xicano Pwr: ... Lou Dobbs Goodbye

RaceWire: ¡Basta Dobbs! Lou Dobbs leaves CNN