AP (espaƱol): Especial de CNN sobre hispanos no menciona a Dobbs


Desde The Associated Press:

CNN transmite esta semana un especial de cuatro horas sobre los latinos de Estados Unidos que no menciona a su propio comentarista Lou Dobbs, cuya persistente postura contra la inmigración ilegal ha enfurecido a muchos hispanos.

Algunos activistas han iniciado una campaña anti-Dobbs, y CNN no admitió cuestionamientos al periodista en el documental. El especial de esta semana ha dejado a muchos hispanos con sentimientos encontrados: orgullosos de que CNN hable sobre asuntos importantes para ellos, pero decepcionados de que la cadena no hable de frente sobre los comentarios de Dobbs.

"Latino in America" (Latino en Estados Unidos) se transmitirá en dos partes el miércoles y jueves a las 9 p.m. hora del este (0100 GMT) y se repetirá a la medianoche.

"Lou Dobbs es el enorme elefante anti-inmigración en la sala de CNN", dijo Roberto Lovato, quien está ayudando a organizar la campaña contra Dobbs. "En lugar de abordarlo, decidieron simplemente evitar el asunto".

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AP: "CNN's Latino Special Avoids Dobbs"


From the Associated Press:

NEW YORK — CNN is airing a four-hour special on Latinos in America this week that ignores its own commentator Lou Dobbs, whose persistent advocacy against illegal immigration has angered many Hispanics.

Some activists have started an anti-Dobbs petition drive, and an advocacy group's effort to criticize Dobbs within the documentary was turned down by CNN. This week's special has left many Latinos with mixed feelings: proud that CNN talks about issues important to them but disappointed the network isn't addressing Dobbs' position head-on.

The "Latino in America" documentary airs in two parts Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT, repeated at midnight.

"Lou Dobbs is the gigantic anti-immigration elephant in the room at CNN," said Roberto Lovato, who is helping to organize the petition drive. "Rather than address him, they decided to just avoid the issue."

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Major Spanish Language Papers Cover Basta Dobbs Campaign

MONDAY / 19 OCTOBER / 2009

The pressure on CNN to remove Lou Dobbs is rising, and the Spanish language press is taking notice, both inside and outside the U.S.  

OpEd in El Diario, the largest Spanish language paper in New York City:

Article in Mexico's El Universal, one of the country's largest papers:


NY Daily News Shines Light on CNN's Dobbs hypocrisy

SUNDAY / 18 OCTOBER / 2009

"CNN's ramping it's 'Latino in America,' but it's getting ruined by Lou Dobbs"

In a few days CNN will launch its ambitious "Latino in America" series. Hosted by the popular Soledad O'Brien, the heavily promoted four-hour program will air on Oct. 21 and 22.... Ironically, the series comes at a time when CNN has a huge trust problem with Latinos - and its name is Lou Dobbs.

"They (CNN) think that a few hours of serious reporting on Latinos by sunny Soledad O'Brien can make up for thousands of hours of anti-Latino extremism from the dark Lou Dobbs," said Roberto Lovato, of and a leader of the movement to dismiss Dobbs.